It's a fun day in the for the whole family. It's on Sunday Oct.5th. Show starts at 12:00 noon but if you want to register your truck you have to do it before 12:00,between 9:00am until 11:30am. Tickets cost $10.00 per person ,$5.00 for children under 10 and preschool kids are free an additional $15.00 if you want to put your truck or ATV in it . They have two tracks, one for 33's and smaller and the other for 35's and up. they also have an ATV track if you want to play.You can also just pay the $15.00 to put your truck in and just play in the mud all don't have to race. There is cash and trophy's for the winners.There is hotdogs ,hamburgers and drinks for sale on site or you can bring a cooler.......NO ALCOHOL PERMITED. They have johnny on the spots there as well.........Just bring something to sit on(lawn chairs).

Directions-------- Hwy 10 north to hwy 9 (Orangeville) turn left on hwy 9(Broadway). Go through town and about 5 to 10 mins out of town look for 7th Line Amaranth and turn right(there will be a sign saying MUD BOG on the corner). Go north on 7th Line and it's on your right side just after 5th sideroad......look on your right in the farm feilds,you'll see it.


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